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I think a lot of people find themselves with people in search of love, and start these weird relationships that don’t match them. And then it doesn’t work.

It’s so nice to be with people that match you, so why would you be with people that are silly.

We match, we drink ginger beer, we yell at people, we are each others kool-aid.

by Velvet Milk 
by Chelsea Elliott

by Almost Iris

My First Love

by Kendall Hill

Is first love the first time you think you are in love, or when you realise all of the times before weren’t it and you have finally found the real thing?

My story of love started from a young age with crushes, butterflies in the stomach, tears, innocent dates, cruel games and those illusive moments that you think are the making of the perfect, life long relationship… I didn’t know then what I know now but I wouldn’t change any of those moments because I know they taught me how to love.

If I wrote the last 10 years of my life in a story it would feature many moments of awareness and lessons. But I stop when I realise those songs you and your year nine boyfriend decided were yours are still the same song, except now you only talk once a year, if that. I want to share a story that I now know is true love!

A break up always brings out a slightly new person and four months after my longest relationship had ended I was an 18 year old who needed to find who she was again and desperately needed to find out how exactly to do that… 

It was a Wednesday night which meant student night at the local pub. I wasn’t a regular attendee as I had class at 8am Thursday morning and a boyfriend. I never felt the need but now I was single my close friends dragged me out and I obliged. I let my hair down and a smile caught my eye, my normal shyness was nowhere to be seen and I asked a boy to dance with me! The night went on. The pub closed and together with our friends we moved venues. Afterwards as I left he stole a kiss, my number and - even though I didn’t know that night - he also stole my heart.

Time went on and we had many dates, arguments and interruptions to our relationship but the major problem we encountered was my uncertainty to start another relationship. I made a rule no relationship or labels for six months. It was a risk… and as I sit here now writing I appreciate how lucky I am he stuck around.

The story goes on and three years into our relationship something my Mum said to me one day made me stop and think about what I had and what it really meant. She said to me, he has changed you… in a positive way; you are more adventurous, relaxed and happy in yourself. Then she went on, you have changed him too and now you are in a strong partnership that you created.

Love is a special bond and is filled with many ‘firsts’, but most of all it is living everyday of your life with someone to laugh, cry, fight and reminisce with.

Nearly six years on and I am six months away from marrying my best friend and our story will continue to write itself as we plan the next stages together…

by Claire Milbrath

by Aimee Han

The translation:
Love: It is a feeling people cannot live without
It is beautiful and attractive
If you are stressed
People should choose a simple way to express it
So Long
by Auf Wiedersehen

by Egill Bjarki Jónsson

First time we spoke, was on the phone. She was too nice to be hot, to warm and welcoming. When we met, I realised that I had jumped to conclusions. Almost 8 years later, far away from Iceland, she is still too nice! Moving on from Shanghai to Hong Kong with little more than what we had all these years ago, but feeling the same.