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by Claire Milbrath

by Aimee Han

The translation:
Love: It is a feeling people cannot live without
It is beautiful and attractive
If you are stressed
People should choose a simple way to express it
So Long
by Auf Wiedersehen

by Egill Bjarki Jónsson

First time we spoke, was on the phone. She was too nice to be hot, to warm and welcoming. When we met, I realised that I had jumped to conclusions. Almost 8 years later, far away from Iceland, she is still too nice! Moving on from Shanghai to Hong Kong with little more than what we had all these years ago, but feeling the same.

by Gemma Nisbet

I would have been barely ten or eleven when we met. Her name was Ally and she had big brown eyes, thick black hair and a reputation for being moody. It was the classic beginning to any love story: wariness, even dislike on my part, indifference on hers.

Except that my first love was not a person, but a pony.

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by Sara Gelfgren

Closet Romance

by Chris Boyd

"I guess this is the closest we can ever get to each other," said the naked girl as she lay in front of the naked boy.

"I wish I could be even more inside of you,said the boy as he drew a trembling finger slowly along her smooth curves.

"What, like double penetration?" said the girl turning slightly in the dark.

"No," said the boy with a sigh, "Not like that at all."

The naked girl listened for a while to the sound of soft earth hitting hard wood above them before she took her last breath.

The naked boy gazed blindly at the heavy roof two inches from his nose.


by Jihyun Park

Homage to Skype (8 years)

by Kristen Dobbin 

by Maria D.