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by James Fortune

This is my first ever teddy bear, frozen in a block of ice as part of a project I did entitled “The Motions of Memory”.

by Kelly Neilson

Contained Love

by David

42 Billion Light Years

by Grace Helmer

by Valero Doval

by Jubly-Umph

by Nikolaus Dolman

Forever falling
Cardboard etching & woodblock prints

by Jarrad Seng
Leopard and Cub
This was in the middle of a safari I had gone on through the Serengeti plains. We came across a lone leopard lurking around this tree. It had just hunted down some sort of beast. As we crept closer (in the Jeep), it stared right at us with these intense cold eyes. Our guide told us that we should leave and come back at the crack of dawn the next morning to hopefully see the leopard feasting in the tree.
So we returned in the morning to find the leopard and it’s cub frolicking in the tree. And suddenly I saw everything in a different light.

by Nick Alston


by Matthew Lahoud

First Love

by Raphael Villet

Yeah yeah yeah ok, you were my first love. I once pulled my hair out thinking about you (us).

In that car parked in the cul-de-sac… our bodies intertwined, my fingers flirted across your shirt, across your pants, failing to reach the skin hidden underneath. I bet it was colored cream and of course, so soft and you knew it too: just how much I betted.

Nine years later and I tell myself that I ain’t trippin’. I’ve finally found some skin that loves me oh boy it does, and I love her for real.

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by Luke Chiswell