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This is Chris. I think the moment I saw him I was in love with him.¬†Or maybe being around him made me feel like a better person. We grew up together and I had always kept these feelings to myself. I guess I didn’t want to break the barrier of friendship that was always there. We went our separate ways, and with things that were going on in my personal life our contact strayed. He was studying, and I was overseas. I returned back to the country and we left brief messages to each other, a year went by and these things, they seemed normal.

Normality was what it had become.

I had been checking my facebook. Many people were leaving him messages on his wall. I skipped the thought that something had happened and went on with the day.

I had turned my phone off. I guess at the time I knew what had happened but I didn’t want to face it. To me, he was still studying. He was still somewhere else, alive.
by Adriana Maroc
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