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by Aimee Han

The translation:
Love: It is a feeling people cannot live without
It is beautiful and attractive
If you are stressed
People should choose a simple way to express it
So Long
by Auf Wiedersehen

by Gemma Nisbet

I would have been barely ten or eleven when we met. Her name was Ally and she had big brown eyes, thick black hair and a reputation for being moody. It was the classic beginning to any love story: wariness, even dislike on my part, indifference on hers.

Except that my first love was not a person, but a pony.

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Homage to Skype (8 years)

by Kristen Dobbin 

by Maria D.

by Greta Bellamacina

Born Woman

I think I saw an angel- Venus,

A plane of poetry, birthed

A portrait bitter and waxed to Juliet.

In a concert hall, remote in pace

Like memory upon.

I think I saw her awake,

Modern her posture twisting and keen.  Madam

Seizing. Madam moon

Should I sing you a song I wrote today?

Naive to the fades and edges of a drum.

Twelve o’clock she chooses literature.

And its always been a while to you

Woman. Lady- madam moon. Assume

The world from the small shell house,

In love songs planet.

Yes, it was her rising through oysters

And soot.  Pools of mapped palms.

Born a woman to the sea. Battle her spirit

Because interaction paints foam and vacant

Filleted verse. Nude and Latin she plays tiles- an unofficial state.

Because reality makes men- in class,

As watered angels are not so.

Obscure she a sketch of direction,

Slender like a slant of a hill- top tree

And Venus an angel, you are sure not to see.

by Daisy Walker

That devastating, beating need only the deepest love can induce.

Beat a changing pattern, beat a beat,
A twisting wind that whirls and twirls inside,
Your sudden call brings rhythm to my feet,
A longing desire my body dares to ride,
I hanker for you; my head, my heart, my hands-
crave your heard, your heart, your hands, your skin-
to kiss. Take me to your lands, 
Take me there to wash away the din,
Take my eyes- they’ve looked and never seen,
Take my lips- they’ve seldom served me well,
Yet leave my touch- fingertips free-
to learn the light and shade of all your tell.
And then when i have learnt and all is done,
kill me then, to rot beneath the sun.

This is Chris. I think the moment I saw him I was in love with him. Or maybe being around him made me feel like a better person. We grew up together and I had always kept these feelings to myself. I guess I didn’t want to break the barrier of friendship that was always there. We went our separate ways, and with things that were going on in my personal life our contact strayed. He was studying, and I was overseas. I returned back to the country and we left brief messages to each other, a year went by and these things, they seemed normal.

Normality was what it had become.

I had been checking my facebook. Many people were leaving him messages on his wall. I skipped the thought that something had happened and went on with the day.

I had turned my phone off. I guess at the time I knew what had happened but I didn’t want to face it. To me, he was still studying. He was still somewhere else, alive.
by Adriana Maroc

by Rachel Sale

When I first fell in love I didn’t know what to do with myself. It was like no other feeling and I let it take over my entire life. I became genuinely ridiculous and annoying and managed to completely freak out my girlfriend, who swiftly dumped me.

First Love

by Charlotte

I floated three inches off the ground for the week after I first said ‘I love you’ romantically. I had said the words before of course, to friends and family, to my dog and drunkenly to strangers at parties, but this was different. This time the words meant something new and special. They had been a hot, prickly weight in my chest for weeks before I had uttered them; speech loosed them and left me unanchored, free from gravitational constraints.

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by Fran Marchesi