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by Nikolaus Dolman

Forever falling
Cardboard etching & woodblock prints

You are changed forever

by Emma Freemantle

Present Love

by Oliver Miller

For me, first love has to be present love.

I am in love with the most kind and beautiful woman in the world at present, you see. And it makes all former “loves” seem like mere pretenders. I cannot really ever imagine not being with my present love, but in order to fully test my theory I will attempt to - because it raises the question: would I feel that she too were a pretender if we ever split up and I found someone new? Or even worse to imagine - if she passed on - would any subsequent love relegate her to another pretender too?

Perhaps not.

But for me so far, at any rate, it took a few mistaken loves to get to first love. And I hope and believe that it shall be my last, and that it shall last forever.