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by Daisy Walker

That devastating, beating need only the deepest love can induce.

Beat a changing pattern, beat a beat,
A twisting wind that whirls and twirls inside,
Your sudden call brings rhythm to my feet,
A longing desire my body dares to ride,
I hanker for you; my head, my heart, my hands-
crave your heard, your heart, your hands, your skin-
to kiss. Take me to your lands, 
Take me there to wash away the din,
Take my eyes- they’ve looked and never seen,
Take my lips- they’ve seldom served me well,
Yet leave my touch- fingertips free-
to learn the light and shade of all your tell.
And then when i have learnt and all is done,
kill me then, to rot beneath the sun.

by Matthew Lahoud

by Oliver Coakley

For those who I love, with those that I cannot see

by Simon Gomery

To love another person is to see the face of God

by Louise Walker

This is Katie. She is the first girl, and up to this point only girl, that I’ve ever loved. When I was asked to put forward a photograph depicting my first love I had no hesitation choosing this one. My friends would argue that I only go after unattainable girls. The fact that the shot which speaks to me the most shows the girl of my dreams walking away from me probably backs up that claim.

by Tim

by Leah Reena Goren

by Levi Mandel

My first love was in the summer time, and thinking about it, all of my previous loves have started during the summer months. This must be because I am so happy when I am warm, care free, and half naked! This picture was taken the summer of my first love from the house I had been living in at the time. It is a picture of a summer’s sunset which reminds me of first love - easy, care free, natural, and beautiful.

by Eliza Faulkner

"It’s a confusing thing to me to say first love never die and it fills me with some worry.

my love is my first true love

but his first love… was it his girlfriend from before me

and is her first feeling of love never going to die

because if it never is, then it fills me with so much sadness to think, that one a great love was lost

and two I won’t ever be someone’s first love… because I know that I love him forever.”

by Chloe Barker

San Clemente, CA

by Beverly Ealdama